AC Vehicle Generators 50 Hz / 3000 rpm (PVK-UK)

Panda PVK-UK are "underfloor" self contained generators with integrated radiator and ventilator.


 The PVK-UK vehicle generators are designed as "underfloor generators" and can be mounted beneath the chassis in an area that is not shielded from the weather. Both sides of the casing are provided with assembly bolts, which allow for it to be mounted to the vehicle chassis.The basic casing is a steel construction with a heavy metal sheet cover. This cover can be taken off in one piece. At the front is a wide range hatch to give easier access to the installed components within.

  • Suitable for external mounting
  • Assembly bolts pre-fitted to housing
  • Steel construction with a heavy duty one piece cover
  • Wide access hatch for easier access
  • Water-cooled exhaust silencer is mounted inside the sound insulation capsule
  • No additional exhaust silencer required
  • Integrated radiator and cooling system
    A water-cooled exhaust silencer is mounted inside the sound insulation capsule. An additional exhaust silencer is not required. The PVK-UK vehicle generators follow the same concept as PVK-U vehicle generators but are self contained units with integrated radiator and ventilator fan.

  • GeneratorNominal
    Perf. (kW)
    VoltageEngineSound Cover
    Panda 4,5 PVK-UK3.80230 AC / 50 HzFarymann 18W430MPL4DS
    Panda 8000x PVK-UK6.80230 AC / 50 HzKubota Z482MPL4DS
    Panda 10000x PVK-UK8.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota Z602MPL4DS
    Panda 12000x-230V PVK-UK10.20230 AC / 50 HzKubota D722MPL4DS
    Panda 12000x-400V PVK-UK10.20400 AC / 50 HzKubota D722MPL4DS
    Panda 15000x PVK-UK12.70230 AC / 50 HzKubota D902MPL4DS
    Panda 15000 PVK-UK12.90230 AC / 50 HzKubota D902MPL4DS
    Panda 18 PVK-UK15.30230 AC / 50 HzKubota D1105MPL4DS
    Panda 24 PVK-UK20.40230 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505MPL4DS
    Panda 30 PVK-UK25.50230 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505TMPL4DS
    Panda 40 PVK-UK37.00400 AC / 50 HzLombardini LDW 2204TMPL4DS