Press Release boot 2009

Press Release boot 2009


Following the huge success of the extremely light and powerful 4kW Panda 4000i generator, Fischer Panda will be presenting the 6 KW Panda 6000i with variable speed at the boot 2009 in Düsseldorf.

The Panda 6000i, which uses the same environmentally-conscious technology as the Panda 4000i was originally unveiled at the METS 2008 where it was presented with a “special mention” from the Dame Award Jury.

The Panda 4000i and the Panda 6000i both operate using variable speed technology, which means the inverter-generator can vary its operating speed to match the electrical load of the consumers connected. For the user, the exhaust and fuel consumption are noticeable lower than a traditional generator running with a fixed speed.

Additional advantages include a pure sine wave output for electrical consumers, an exceptional voltage and frequency stability and also a low sound level. As a result if the low weight (11kg) and compact dimensions (L x B x H: 550 x 440 x 530 cm) the Panda 6000i can be installed in very tight spaces onboard.

These above mentioned generator qualities make it possible to build up flexible hybrid power systems in combination with generator, batteries and inverter for more luxury onboard. The performance of this generator, as a result of the inverter technology, is astonishing.
Both air conditioners and diving compressors often make up part of the standard equipment on board. These can cause the daily energy consumption to vary greatly during the day. The 6000i has been designed especially for this.

The new Panda 4000s will also be presented. The new generator model is based on the successful 1-cylinder Farymann engine series, which is already in use with Fischer Panda Generators. The generator offers a diverse range of improvements – such as increased
starting current for inductive consumers, pure sinus wave, easier installation, and reduced maintenance costs.

For further information, including presentations of the above mentioned products, we will be available at our boot exhibition stand : Hall 10 Stand G22

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