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Generators with variable engine speed - Perfect Power

Generators with variable speed for reduced fuel consumption, quiet operation and less exhaust emissions. Up to 50 % less weight and 30 % space savings when compared to asynchronous generators of the same class

Generators with fixed engine speed 3000 rpm / 50 Hz - 3600 rpm / 60 Hz - Compact Power

Suitable for applications requiring continuous power and high starting capabilities with a very stable voltage supply

Battery charging (DC) Generators - Hybrid Power

The ideal battery-charging generators for battery systems which may be required to power larger consumers for short periods during the day.

Fischer Panda variable-speed Hybrid DC Generators - VS Hybrid Power

The Fischer Panda variable-speed Hybrid DC generators have been especially designed for electric propulsion on board. These generators are compact, quiet, powerful and economical.

Performance Ranges


Marine Installation

Fischer Panda is one of the leaders for marine super-silent diesel generators. The Panda generators feature an effective water-cooling system and a lightweight compact construction.

Vehicle - internal installation (up to 25 kW)

Best choice, when space is available inside the vehicle. Complete water-cooled silencer inside capsule

Vehicle - internal installation (above 30 kW)

Suitable for internal installation. Must be installed in a well-ventilated area. Requires external radiator. Easy to install

Vehicle - external under chassis

Panda vehicle generators with internal water-cooled silencer for mounting externally on the vehicle chassis.

Vehicle - under chassis (integrated radiator)

Panda vehicle generators with integrated cooling system and radiator. Compact construction; designed for mounting externally on the vehicle chassis.

Panda Self Contained

Panda Self-Contained (PSC) generators are complete turnkey units fitted with an integrated cooling system, fuel tank and electrical cabinet.

Voltage Types