30 Years Fischer Panda: Mobile power supply success story

Power wherever you are. Fischer Panda provides for three decades independence from the power socket


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

Nobody would have thought in the year 1972, when the company Icemaster was founded in Paderborn, that this would be the foundation stone for a business operating world-wide. Today – 30 years later – mobile power supplies without the name Fischer Panda and the Logo with the panda bear would not be considered.

More than 300 employees world-wide ensure the safe supply of power for yachts, mobile homes, broadcasting vehicles and wherever independent energy is required. Generators form the central point of an even wider product range. Over a long period of time, the product range has evolved from just plain generators into complete power systems. The recipe for success: “Power wherever you are.

For our customers the solution is the centre of attention. With our know-how we create functioning systems, which ensure a self-sufficient power supply even under most difficult conditions – and we do not stop with the generator.”

In the marine branch, the technicians from Paderborn further developed the idea of the generator and also diesel-electric drives for yachts. A logical conclusion, which offers many advantages as a result: a ships diesel can be replaced with a quiet and clean generator which produces energy for the drive. The high level of efficiency is a pleasant side effect

Fischer Panda – the road to success continues: Power wherever you are