Panda 25i-230V PMS

General Technical Data

Model.:Panda 25i-230V PMS
Generator TypePanda i-Series (50 Hz)
  • Digital display
  • Environmentally friendly - low fuel consumption
  • Variable speed - load-dependent
  • Easy to install - reduces costs
  • Small size and low weight - compact installation
  • High starting capacity for air conditioners / diving compressors
  • Highly efficient - maximum energy
  • Pure sinus wave is ideal for sensitive electronics
Generator Family25i-230V
  • external 12V fuel pump
Generator Version.:PMS
  • Suitable for internal installation
  • Low ambient temperatures
  • External control panel with cable
  • Dual circuit cooling
Article number.:0000364
Additional Features
  • Water-cooled Engine
  • Alternator for charging the starter battery
Area of Application.:Marine Generator (M)
Frequency [Hz]50
Generator manufacturerFischer Panda GmbH
Isolation class of windingsH
Nominal Speed [rpm]2200-2800 rpm
Voltage RegulationiControl
Voltage Tolerance±3%
Power rating factor Cos Pi0.8

Electrical Alternator

Single Phase Version with Inverter Technology

Engine Speed [rpm]2200 - 2800
Nominal Voltage in Volt230
Nominal Performance in kW)1)0-20
Nominal Performance in kVA1)0-25.0
Continuous Performance in kW1)0-18
Continuous Performance in kVA1)0-22.5
Number of Phases1
Max. Rated Inrush Current in Ampere
Frequency [Hz]50

1) cosPhi 0,8 up to 40°C ambient temperature, otherwise cosPhi 1 up to 50°C

The technical parameters / output performance may vary for different generator types and exhaust emission norms for different countries.

All performance data applies to generator operation at 100m above sea level at 20°C. Performance reductions can occur when operating at greater heights.

Engine Data

Engine ManufacturerKubota (KU)
Engine TypeV1505-E3
No. Cylinders4
Displacement [cm3]1498
Starter System12V (24V Optional)

Sound Insulation Cover (Generator Housing / Sound Shield)


VersionGFK 3D
Article NumberGVS: 0000364
CAD REF:0013283
Drawing Ref.FP1-031578
Sound Cover TypeGFK (Glass fibre reinforced polyester)
Sound Insulation Material3D
Dimensions Housing    L x W x H *) *)) Refer to Capsule Drawing of Sound Shield
Total Weight of Generator with Capsule Refer to Capsule Drawing of Sound Shield
Sound Cover Upgrade Options (on request)->MPL 4DS


All technical data and specifications including dimensions, performance data, weight and material specifications are only valid when they are explicitly expressed in writing. All data should be considered only for approximation purposes because the data from these sources is gathered from current and previous models. As a result of continual product improvement and modification, the validity of technical data from these sources cannot be guaranteed. 3D-models are only provided on special request. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure in all cases when ordering that technical data is valid and that the specifications meet his/her requirements.

*) The dimensions are for the sound insulation housing ONLY and do not include additional parts or fittings such as fasteners, closures or mounting brackets etc.

Therefore please note: You must consider the additional space will need to be calculated for the installation. This is of importance when planning the installation with respect of cables, hoses and mounting feet.

**) Generators with DVS windings are slightly longer than those with HP1 or HP3 windings. Specific dimensions are available on request.


Control - iControl (icontrol)

Articlenumber :


Generator Handbook / Operators Manual


Capsule / Sound shield Drawing : FP1-031578

High Resolution Image: Panda 25i-230V PMS (panda pms 25i p1 P1270927.JPG) 
High Resolution Image: Panda 25i-230V PMS (panda pms 25i p2left open.jpg) 
High Resolution Image: Panda 25i-230V PMS (panda pms 25i p3 P1280105.JPG) 

Service- / installation kits and shock mountings

Note: Actual Service- / installation kits and shock mountings may differ from those displayed depending on Generator type.