AC Vehicle Generators from 25kW / 50 Hz / 1500 rpm (PVM-NE)

This version is the same as the PVMV-N with the exception that the exhaust silencer is not water-cooled. It is mounted outside at the rear of the the generator. Vehicle generators of this version can only be installed in well-ventilated areas, where the h


PVM-NE AC Vehicle Generators 50 Hz / 1500 rpm from 25kW upwards

Vehicle generator with sound insulation capsule and externally mounted main silencer

  • Suitable for internal installation
    Although similar to the PVMV-N version, the PVM-NE has an externally mounted exhaust which is not water-cooled. The exhaust silencer is mounted at the rear end of the capsule. No additional silencer is necessary. Due to the heat absorption of the silencer this version must be installed in a well-ventilated area.

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