Bavaria 49 DE

The World’s First Diesel Electric Propelled Series Yacht


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Bavaria 49 DE
Whisperprop – Diesel Electric

The World’s First Diesel Electric Propelled Series Yacht

Those, that have experienced the pleasure of sailing in a yacht, with scarcely a sound being heard (even when motor is used) must ask themselves, why they should consider an alternative:

• extremely quiet when running

• No Vibration

• extremely improved Manoeuvering qualities

• As many controls as desired

• Up to 300 % greater thrust

• Power supply from the same Generator

• improved acceleration

• Bow Thrusters with E-Motor up to 150 kW possible

• No ("light load") Problem

• Fuel savings at partial load above 50 %

• Complete rudder effect, even when cruising at slowest speed

• greater choice for dividing space

The decision is made, if additionally, you learn that a yacht fitted with extremely innovative DE propulsion unit costs scarcely any more than a conventional drive, if a shipboard generator is on the shopping list.

The transition has already been in the world of commercial shipping. No modern cruise liner has been manufactured since 1994 without an electric driven propeller being fitted. The largest ship constructed with electric propulsion, is the luxury liner "Queen Mary 2" with a length of 350 meters and a drive performance totaling 120,000 kW. The new technological advantages are so convincing that meanwhile several passenger ships have been modified, although the modification costs are about a third of the costs for new construction.

The electric drive has so many advantages, that constructor of yachts and wharves, who wish to keep up to date with technology, cannot ignore these advantages. This will become the accepted technology in a few years in many areas. Already the advantages of an electric propulsion unit are seen by progressive thinking constructors, even for larger yachts and commercial vehicles. Up to now, this has only been the case for "Custom Build Projects" whereby an agreement must only be made with one customer. But some of the larger manufacturers of series yachts recognise that the time has come and will put yachts onto the market in the foreseeable futures that are fitted with the new propulsion technology.

Research and development have now made DE Technology ready for series.

The electronic controlled propulsion technology has been tested and proven in many hundred thousand applications. The same safety and reliability can be expected from this group of components as a modern television or refrigerator.

Nothing has more strength than an idea that has come of age.