Fischer Panda CAPS – Combined Air conditioning and Power System

25 kW Generator and ECU as complete system


Fischer Panda CAPS – Combined Aircondition and Power System

Main Advantages for CAPS 25
Complete system solution: single unit combining generator and ECU
1 Contact Person – 1 Supplier – 1 Price
Modular System for container shelter system, highly adaptable

Options for ECU System Expansion:

- 8kW Cooling performance – variable regulated (10‘Container)
- 16kW Cooling performance - variable regulated (15 to 20´Container)
- Additional electric roof heater - 0-12kW stepless regulation
- Additional electric floor heater with blowers. 0-12kW stepless regulation
- Additional water boiler up to 24 kW via secondary diesel heater
- Additional water heater – electric up to 9kW

- Additional heat recovery from generator up to 40kW (dependant on output generator)
All controls for electric and water heating are regulated (stepless)
Dedicated Generator for ECU and Electrical Systems in Container

Electrical performance - up to 25 kW (without ECU) 
Electrical performance - up to 14kW (with ECU)
Extremely low operating sound levels
Compact design mounted on slides for easy access to components
Water-cooling for engine and generator

System heating sources can be used for preheating increase efficiency
Voltage stability and short circuit protection
Operation in extreme temperatures -46°C - +60°C

Integrated electrical distribution cabinet
Integrated fuel tank provides 12 hours at full load (auto refill from external source)
Worldwide Service Network

Rapid Setup:

Quick release connectors simplify installation
Cooling fluids prefilled and tested before delivery
Timesaving - no additional assembly work required

Easy to Maintain

“Rapid Replacement System” reduces repair time –assemblies swapped as complete units
Primary air conditioning unit module is fitted with quick release connectors
Replacement parts are prefilled and tested before delivery
Possible to replace assembly without a technician “on site“


Parameters for PLC/SPS Control can be configured to suit individual requirements
Emergency operation: Manual cooling and heating operation possible without PLC/SPS
Maintenance intervals increased – no fan belt for diesel engine

Fischer Panda CAPS – Combined Aircondition and Power System - View Generator Front

Fischer Panda CAPS – Combined Aircondition and Power System - View Radiator Cooling

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