Comfortable and environmentally friendly: A modern houseboat with Fischer Panda electric propulsion

This houseboat is driven by two Fischer Panda shaft motors: two inboard shaft motors, each with a power of 10 kW (48 V) at 600 rpm.

The electric motors are modern 3-phase AC permanent magnet motors. Due to their high thrust, they facilitate the manoeuvrability, which is a huge advantage in the harbour.

The houseboat was built in 2017, a river catamaran with a length of 19.8 meters, a width of 5.05 meters and a weight of 38 tons.

The hull speed of the modern boat is 10.8 knots. However, the houseboat travels only short distances on canals and rivers at a maximum speed of 5 - 6 km/h.

The electric motors operate two 4-blade 23" x 16" propellers.

The energy supply is provided by a battery bank consisting of 24 Gel 2 Volt battery cells (nominal voltage 2 V, charge end voltage: 2.4 V) with a nominal capacity of 880 Ah.

Besides two Fischer Panda electric motors, the houseboat is equipped with a Fischer Panda battery charging generator. This AGT (Advanced Generator Technology) generator can charge the battery bank directly. The generator is housed inside a soundproof capsule.

In addition, the power supply is supported by solar power (4500 Wp).

A combi inverter converts 48 V DC power from the battery bank to 230 V AC for the electrical consumers (stove with induction plates, refrigerator, TV, etc.) on board.



IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:houseboat_electrical_technical_battery.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:houseboat_electrical_technical_electric_drive.jpg
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IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:houseboat_electrical_technical_generator_open.jpg
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