More power using generators in parallel

Variable Speed Technology - The iSeries Generators

The Panda iSeries generators have been especially designed to be compact, quiet and powerful - with up to 30% weight and space savings They are ideal for superyacht owners looking for a night generator with low operating sound levels and vibrations.  The generators are characterised by their modern, innovative and environmentally friendly inverter technology. The generators can be connected in parallel and synchronised  - no additional cables are required.

The speed of the diesel engine is adjusted according to the user’s changing power requirements while the output voltage always remains constant from the inverter. Variable speed control considerably reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption in comparison with a traditional generator with a fixed speed. The maximum speed of the engine is 2800 RPM. The electric load is provided with a constant output voltage of 230 V / 50 Hz or 400 V / 50 Hz via an inverter.

  • Small size and low weight - compact installation
  • Highly efficient  - maximum energy
  • Variable speed  - load-dependent

  • 230 V / 400 V AC output  - reliable power supply
  • Pure sinus wave is ideal for sensitive electronics
  • High starting capacity for air conditioners / diving compressors

  • Easy to install  - no forced air circulation required in machine room
  • Environmentally friendly  - low fuel consumption
  • Digital display  - up to date at all times

The iSeries generators are fitted with the renowned Fischer Panda sound insulation and water cooling.

Parallel connected iSeries - the high performance solution for even more comfort and safety

Several iSeries generators of different types can be easily connected in parallel. Extra cables
or additional cabinets are not required. Each generator is fully independent and can be
individually operated.

  • Multiple generators can be easily connected in parallel  - even if they have different outputs
  • Load-Sharing: both generators are equally loaded when operating in parallel
  • Ideal for applications (multihulls - catamarans, trimarans) which may benefit from installing various smaller generators to improve weight distribution

Perf. [kW]
VoltageEngineSound Cover
Panda 5000i.Neo PMS4.00120 AC / 60 HzFischer Panda GmbH FPE320GFK3D
Panda 5000i.Neo PMS4.00230 AC / 50 HzFischer Panda GmbH FPE320GFK3D
Panda 5000i PMS4.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota EA300GFK3D
Panda 8000i PMS6.00120 AC / 60 HzKubota Z482GFK3D
Panda 8000i PMS6.40230 AC / 50 HzKubota Z482GFK3D
Panda 10000i PMS8.00120 AC / 60 HzKubota Z602GFK3D
Panda 10000i PMS8.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota Z602GFK3D
Panda 15000i PMS12.00120 AC / 60 HzKubota D902GFK3D
Panda 15000i-230V PMS12.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota D902GFK3D
Panda 15000i-400V PMS12.00400 AC / 50 HzKubota D902GFK3D
Panda 19i PMS14.50120 AC / 60 HzKubota D902GFK3D
Panda 19i-230V PMS14.50230 AC / 50 HzKubota D902GFK3D
Panda 25i-230V PMS20.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505-E3GFK3D
Panda 25i PMS20.00230 AC / 60 HzKubota V1505MPL4DS
Panda 25i-400V PMS20.00400 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505-E3GFK3D
Panda 45i PMS36.00400 AC / 50 HzKubota V2403TMPL3D
Panda 60i PMS48.00400 AC / 50 HzHatz 4H50TICMPL4DS