Dual Panda 5000i generators in mobile measurement laboratory

Power for this mobile measurement laboratory is supplied from two "Perfect Power" Panda 5000i PVK-U generators. Each generator has 4 kW power. They are mounted beneath the vehicle chassis on both sides. The energy system also includes a combi inverter and lithium battery bank.
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:p5000i_mobile_application_measurement_1.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:p5000i_mobile_application_measurement_2.JPG
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:p5000i_mobile_application_measurement_3.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:p5000i_mobile_application_measurement_5.JPG
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:p5000i_mobile_application_measurement_9.JPG