Electric Motors Supplied by Fischer Panda in Tourist Submersible

In this tourist submersible the main propulsion is provided by two FISCHER PANDA AZIPROP 20 kW pod motors (550 rpm).

A 240 kWh lead-acid battery ensures the energy supply for the two electric propulsion motors.

The battery capacity allows for a dive time of approximately 12 hours. The motors can propel at a speed of up to three knots (5.5 km/h). 

In addition, the underwater world can be illuminated with ten LEDs with a luminosity of 20,000 lumen.

The submersible runs fully electrically, silently and environmental-friendly. It produces no emissions, thus does not harm any life underwater.

It can carry up to 24 passengers to a depth of 328 feet (just under 100 meters), where it offers an unlimited view to the underwater world. The crew consists of two persons.

The interior is large enough for all passengers to move freely, and it is also fully air-conditioned.

The panoramic glass walls are 140 millimeters thick and made of acrylic.

The submersible weighs 4 tons and uses nearly 1.8 tons of variable ballast weight for diving and surfacing.

The captain controls the submersible by joystick and touch screen. The submersible meets all modern safety standards. 

Image Credit : Triton Submarines



IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:2x20kw_electric_drives_24_person_submersible.jpg