Fischer Panda Generators for Exclusive Racing Team Trailer Complex

On-board power is supplied to these trailers by two 110-4 PVM-NE Fischer Panda generators of (performance: 92 kW).

This vehicle complex uses two trailers which are parked next to each other. They are joined by raising the trailers upwards, and then extending the sidewalls outwards until they meet in the middle.

The result is a huge area providing space for the team's office and conference rooms. The lower level contains the driver's cabin with bathroom, shower plus engineering rooms.

Each trailer has a Fischer Panda 110-4 PVM-NE (92 kW) generator. The generators are fitted at the front of the trailer underneath the gooseneck. They provide all energy requirements so the trailers can be setup anywhere.

Images courtesy :Bischoff + Scheck AG
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_001.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_002.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_008.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_100.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_102.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_110.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_111.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_304.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_305.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_405.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_406.jpg
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:Bischoff-Scheck-AG_HAAS-F1_Fischer-Panda-raceteam_trailer_709.jpg