Fischer Panda at the Salon Fluvial in France


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

Fischer Panda dealer Genhy SARL attended this year's Salon Fluvial boat show with the Fischer Panda team.

Visitors to the Fischer Panda trailer were able to see a range of generators and EasyBox electric drive systems.

The trailer is fitted with a working 6.4 kW Panda 8000i generator and a compact 4 kW Panda 5000.Neo generator with water-cooled engine.

A new electric 20 kW shaft with a compact five-blade propeller was one the EasyBox drive systems on display. This version is ideal for barges and narrowboats.

The Salon Fluvial is major event, in the heart of the Burgundy, for the French inland recreational and pleasure boating industry.

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