Fischer Panda Dealer Meeting November

The first Dealer Meeting was held at Fischer Panda in Paderborn in November. The event was attended with great interest.


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

The meeting was held for German speaking dealers. The dealers themselves had very high expectations and according to feedback after this event - these were met. Previously, only an "international" meeting had taken place. This did not include many of the dealers within Germany.

The event was also attended by dealers and distributors from other European countries,
including Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. Due to the success of the event and positive feedback, it is planned to hold the Dealer Meeting on a regular basis.



Dr. Hans-Joachim Herbermann welcomes the dealers and presents the agenda.


The Fischer Panda Team involved in the Dealer Meeting


Roland Knippschild (FP) shows Andrzej Milewski and Krzysztof Lontka (El-Cab SP.z.o.o.) the new Panda 4000s




Sportboot Center Schmitt

Harald Schmitt



Frank Ysebaert, Luc Baeyens


Blickle, Bosch Service

Ralf Weiß

Dieselzentrum von Umbscheiden GmbH

Simon Aust

Engels & Kieth

Manfred Engels

Fotec Fahrzeugtechnik

Jürgen Nagele

Greuel & Kermer GmbH & Co.KG

Bernd Brück

MMT Marine-Motoren-Technik

Olaf Borck

Mobile Boots und Yachts Service

Matthias Bergmann, Melle Wagenaar

Philippi Elektrische Systeme GmbH

Jürgen Geissler

Phillippi Elektrische Systeme GmbH

Michael Kögel

ProVan GmbH

Rainer Faust


Eugen Seibold

VTS-Videotechnik Selhuber GmbH

Martin Ranhart, Sebastian Dietz


Lasaulec Nautiek

Melle Wagenaar, Tom Schouten

Barco Marine Equipment

Marco Vermaas


El-Cab SP.z.o.o.

Andrzej Milewski, Krzysztof Lontka


Hamilton AG

Hans den Bol, Rene Geiger