Fischer Panda Defense Limited - A new company

A new company based in London was established for all contacts in the military sphere


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Fischer Panda Defense Ltd. - A new company

A new company based in London was established for all contacts in the military sphere.

Fischer Panda has had contact to defence ministries, which use the sound-insulated Panda generators, especially, for mobile communication systems. In numerous cases the Panda generators achieved the best results when tested by the military. There are now signs that that these difficult initial contacts could become interesting large volume of orders in the close future. The contacts to the military offices are often more intensive than for the civilian sphere, where a generator is often ordered directly over the telephone, and they therefore warrant an expert service. Our conventional distribution partners can only provide this service to a degree. In May, a new firm was established in London for this reason, which specifically responsible for military sector.

The name of the new firm is:

This new Firm based in London was established both by Fischer Panda GmbH in Germany and Fischer Panda Generators Inc., Florida

The new managing director is John Harrington. He served in the British Army for over 30 years in the Rank of (Lieutenant Colonel). During his time in the service, John Harrington was responsible for the co-ordination of technical norms within NATO. John Harrington has enormous knowledge of the various technical organisations responsible for the certification of generators.

Fischer Panda Defense Ltd. was represented under the direction of John Harrington at the Eurosatory in Paris. Fisher Panda were able to draw a great deal of attention to the generator at the most important world exhibition for military technical equipment. Contacts were made to such an extent that could not in the wildest dreams be expected. All technical dominating countries in the world were there, in order to develop new communication equipment. The new communication systems (communication technology) are relatively more complicated than the previously (i.e. field telephones). This Technology can no longer be transported in a tent or briefcase, but must be installed in a container that can be transported in special vehicles. This container can only be run by a permanently installed power supply. Fischer Panda is now ready to provide generating units, especially for this form of technology and has already achieved great success. It can be assumed that this sector will form a very important part of the turnover. An increase is expected, which will exceed the planned production.

Fischer Panda Generators have been used in the military sector for very exotic areas. The most spectacular up to now, was the installation in gigantic "air ships" which are required for the purpose of radar surveillance in 4.000 m and hover over a fixed position. The Project was developed for the firm Lockheed Martin, which installed the generators in the airships for the US Air Force for radar surveillance on the Mexican border. (32 units have been delivered so far).