Fischer Panda Distributor Meeting

Distributors and Representatives from over 30 countries worldwide meet in Paderborn, Germany


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.


On the 18th November 2005, numerous distributors arrived from around the world for the 7th Fischer Panda Distributor Meeting. This three day event is held every two years at the company‘s premises in Paderborn, Germany.
Each of the distributors was warmly welcomed on arrival and received an information folder and a Fischer Panda cap. The company management cordially greeted the guests, who were delighted at being reunited with Heidi and Jürgen Mertens.
Dr. H.-J. Herbermann introduced himself, submitted the agenda of the meeting and talked about the company goals, figures and activities for 2004/2005.
Following a friendly reception and light refreshments, the distributors meeting officially began. Stephan Backes announced each distributor individually and introduced the whole Fischer Panda team.

Boris Schönberger explained the technical training which would be undertaken during the meeting. Matthias Jürgens introduced the new Web Shop and detailed how it would be implemented.
Afterwards, Dr. Herbermann invited the visitors to a collective tour around the company premises. This was followed with great interest.
From production to sales and export, quality control to shipment, employees answered gladly any questions that arose.
Everybody took the chance to exchange experiences during a relaxed lunch in the exhibition hall. Afterwards, the guests had the opportunity to view the new mechandising products.

Technical talks and meetings formed the agenda for the afternoon. Jürgen Mertens, Frank Weber, Jens Langer, Wolfgang Fieber and Georg Luigs from the Fischer Panda Team gave presentations which included the DE-Drive System and other current projects.
Mr. Backes, Mr. Luigs, and Dr. Herbermann concluded the days events by presenting new products, innovations and announcing the timetable for the rest of the weekend.
A relaxing and enjoyable evening was spent at the Jägerkrug in Elsen where the guests were treated to an international buffet.
On Saturday, 19th November, discussions took place in different departments and everybody had the chance to talk individually about special aspects.
Everyone was invited to a local chinese restaurant for lunch. Afterwards, some of the guests discussed technical details with Boris Schönberger and Georg Luigs. Christiane Drüge took another group for a stroll through Paderborn to do some shopping.
Carsten Sprenger organized an evening of German bowling at Jägerkrug in Elsen for the whole team.
Feedback from our guests indicates that the Distributor Meeting 2005 was a successful event. We are happy that everyone had a pleasant time and that they felt that the Meeting was enjoyable and instructive.

Part of the group while touring the premises in front of building 3