Parallel Hybrid Drive System designed by Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda drive systems with various options for electric driving


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

Besides their 48 V basis drive system, Fischer Panda's parallel hybrid is receiving more and more interest; the parallel hybrid drive is an attractive alternative whereby the main engine and the electric motor are individually coupled with the shaft. It is not necessary to refit the main engine. The system can be easily installed by any shipyard.

The parallel hybrid drive system is ideal for trips and manoeuvres (especially at very low speeds) when a conventional drive system already exists. The drive motor is mounted parallel to the existing drive shaft. Only minor changes are required to the drive train. The electric drive motors meet all the essential requirements of the applicable European directives and standards. They are operated with very low voltages of <60 V DC and guarantee maximum safety regarding operation and installation. A "REGENERATION" function allows the battery bank can be charged via the main engine. The drive system is perfectly suited for boats using a combustion engine and gearbox as conventional drive system.

The parallel hybrid drive is fitted with electric clutch and seawater pump. The system can be equipped with 10 kW or 20 kW electric drive motors.

The electric drive usually has a dedicated battery bank, this can also be used for the on-board power supply if the capacity is sufficient.

Further advantages of the parallel hybrid:

    • high efficiency thanks to permanent magnet technology
    • brushless, therefore low maintenance
    • aluminium housing, therefore very good thermal conductivity
    • high torque ensures a very good manoeuvrability
    • water cooling - therefore well suited for high environmental temperatures
    • no gearbox, therefore very quiet operation
    • output data = shaft power

"The parallel hybrid is also suited for commercial applications", explains Martin Mews, Head of Development of Diesel-Electric Propulsion Systems at Fischer Panda GmbH, "Last autumn we equipped a 70 ton vessel with a 10 kW parallel drive allowing the ship to move at 7 km/h."

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