Fischer Panda inverter generators with variable speed

Low fuel consumption - high efficiency


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

Thanks to their modern diesel engines with variable speed Fischer Panda iSeries generators are the perfect solution when skippers have varying power requirements on board their boats.  

When this is the case, the iSeries generators can offer remarkable fuel savings compared to conventional fixed-speed generators  

The electrical load is provided with a constant output voltage via the inverter. The speed of the diesel engine is adjusted according to the appliances in use.  

In a recent test with a Panda 60i PMS marine generator (nominal output: 48 kW), at 20 % of the nominal output the fuel saving was 30 % compared to an equivalent fixed speed generator.  

Even at 30 kW which is 62.5 % of the nominal output of the Panda 60i PMS, the fuel saving was 10 %.  

Depending on the customers' individual requirements they can choose between different iSeries generator models varying between 3 kW and 120 kW.  

Stephan Backes, Managing Director of Fischer Panda explains another advantage of the iSeries generators: "The light load issue does not arise with the variable speed technology. When operating a fixed-speed generator especially with a nominal output ˃ 50 kW, very often it requires a minimum load. So, if the power needed on board is too low, a dummy load must be switched on. This is something that owners of our iSeries generators do not have to worry about."

Fischer Panda GmbH is based in Paderborn, Germany and is a manufacturer of diesel generators, hybrid and drive systems for mobile, marine and vehicle applications. The generators are well-known for their compact design and the extremely low sound levels while operating. The Fischer Panda team covers world-wide more than 500 technicians and salesmen in over 80 countries.  
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