Fischer Panda iSeries Generators can now be switched in parallel

It is now possible to switch two identical models of Fischer Panda iSeries generators in parallel.


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It is now possible to switch two identical models of Fischer Panda iSeries generators in parallel. This means that two independent generator systems, both with their own control panel, are installed and can be operated individually. The skipper has the safety of a constant power supply at all times.

Synchronizing the inverters is achieved via a cable connecting the generators’ inverters. This has the advantage that no parallel switch cabinet is required and more space is available on board.

Thanks to load sharing capacities the generators are equally loaded.

The parallel connection is of particular interest for multihulls(catamarans, trimaran) because the weight balance on board is of utmost importance. The weight on board can be distributed more evenly when two generators are used.

According to Jens Langer, responsible for sales / marketing and projects at Fischer Panda GmbH “connecting Fischer Panda iSeries generators in parallel provides even more comfort and safety onboard".

Fischer Panda iSeries generators are very popular worldwide because their speed can vary depending on the requirements of the devices in use. Thanks to the inverter technology, both exhaust emission and fuel consumption can be remarkably reduced. Furthermore, the maintenance interval can also be extended depending on the load.

Fischer Panda GmbH is based in Paderborn, Germany and is a manufacturer of diesel generators, hybrid and drive systems for mobile, naval and vehicle applications. The generators are well-known for their compact design and the extremely low sound levels while operating. The Fischer Panda team covers world-wide more than 400 technicians and salesmen in over 70 countries. Fischer Panda – Power wherever you are

Press Release                             date: 11 July 2013

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