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The Fischer Panda Logo is not to be used, reproduced, distributed in any form in such a way that portraits the company Fischer Panda or its products, services and locations negatively. Fischer Panda cannot be held responsible for use of the logo either in print or on any other website especially by those who are not official distributors, dealers or service representatives of Fischer Panda GmbH.

You may not resell or redistribute the Fischer Panda logo, modified, unmodified, standalone or in combination with another product in any way without prior written consent from Fischer Panda GmbH. The logo may not be reused, sold or reproduced on merchandising items or giveaways without prior agreement.

You are permitted to make minor modifications to the logo to facilitate reproduction on certain materials or at sizes if the overall form of the logo is not changed.

If you have any questions regarding logo usage, other formats, approval for special usage, or to report logo/trademark violations please contact us at Fischer Panda GmbH.

Bear + Fischer Panda Text 3 - Color




Fischer Panda Logo - Red




Fischer Panda "Fp" Logo

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