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Fischer Panda at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2024

The International Motor Boat and Yacht Show takes place in the South of France from 112 until 17 September 2022.

14-09-2023 (Latest)

Impressions from the Busan International Boat Show

GMB ENG represented Fischer Panda at Busan International Boat Show

26-04-2023 (Latest)

Fischer Panda Partner WaterMota at the Bucharest Boatshow

Our Romanian partner WaterMota SRL from Constanta currently representing Fischer Panda GmbH at the Bucharest Boat Show

31-03-2023 (Latest)

Trade Show Impressions from South Korean Fischer Panda Partner GMB ENG CO., LTD

Our South Korean partner GMB ENG CO., LTD has just represented Fischer Panda at the Korea International Boat Show.

08-03-2023 (Latest)

Austrian Fischer Panda Dealer Sportboot Center Exhibitor at Austrian Boatshow

Find Sportboot Center in hall 5 at stand 515.

02-03-2023 (Latest)


Paraffin-based alternative diesel fuels produced under the Fischer-Tropsch procedure and complying with the European standard EN15940, can be used for the complete diesel generator portfolio currently supplied by Fischer Panda.

25-02-2023 (Press Releases)

Meet our Croation partner Fischer Panda Adria at Zagreb Boat Show

After a two-year pause, Zagreb Boat Show returns.

23-02-2023 (Latest)

Commercial and Technical Director Complement Fischer Panda Management

Fischer Panda is continuing its strategic development enabling further sustainable growth.

13-02-2023 (Press Releases)

Fischer Panda at the Boot 2023

25-01-2023 (Latest)

Fischer Panda at the Cannes Yachting Festival

The International Motor Boat and Yacht Show takes place in the South of France from 6 until 11 September 2022.

06-09-2022 (Latest)

Impressions from trade show Balaton Boat Show 2022 in Hungary

Balaton Boat Show 2022 in Hungary.

05-09-2022 (Latest)

Fischer Panda at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe in Amsterdam

From 21 until 23 June 2022 our Electric Propulsion Specialists will be in Amsterdam.

21-06-2022 (Latest)

Fischer Panda battery charging DC generators available with new fpControl

Fischer Panda “Hybrid Power” battery charging generators DC from 3.2 kW up to 22 kW are now available with the fpControl system.

12-03-2022 (Press Releases)

Tradeshows March 2022

Budapest Boat Show and Dubai International Boat Show

11-03-2022 (Latest)