Fischer Panda Power for the Danube Express

The Danube Express sets new standards for travelling overnight within Europe.


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For those who love trains and the sense of adventure, a journey on the Danube Express is the fulfilment of a dream. Four luxurious carriages, the Saxonia, Cracovia, Vindobona and the Hungaria offer ensuite showers and toilets, air-conditioning and soft lighting. To supply these, a modern power system was designed by Kratos Kft. A Fischer Panda generator is fitted under each of the four carriages to ensure sufficient power for the modern electrical systems. The clean and quiet supply of electrical power is also of importance during overnight stops in the cities.

The Danube Express on its maiden journey to Budapest (img:Máv Nostalgia Kft)

The beginning: The Danube Express was rebuilt from old Hungarian State Rail mail carriages.

Fischer Panda Power for each carriage of some of the finest European rail accommodation.

The Fischer Panda generator mounted under the chassis could be seen during the offical unveiling party.

 The Danube Express was brought into life by Máv Nostalgia Kft, in a joint venture with the Hungarian State Railways. The trains are modern versions of the original Orient Express carriages rebuilt from Hungarian State Rail mail carriages. The maiden route linked Budapest, Kraków, Praha, Berlin and Dresden.

The Danube Express now covers many of the routes of the Orient Express including an 11-day tour on the Brussels - Istanbul route.

Máv Nostalgia Kft offer rail trips on restored vintage trains in Hungary and throughout Europe. They also have a rail museum with hundreds of trains on display with the pride of their collection being an original teak dining carriage from the original Orient Express fleet.