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The increased demand of a wide range of electrical consumers on board yachts today requires a sophisticated energy management system on board.


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Fischer Panda offer individual solutions to owners who require a power solution to match their energy requirements. Fischer Panda’s primary focus is the domestic power circuit and providing power for luxury electric consumers such as air conditioning, heating , cooking and diving compressors. Fischer Panda builds a range of AC and DC generators up to 100 kW. They are compact, light and quiet. They are perfectly suited to this task. The latest “iSeries” generators use variable speed technology and feature their own dedicated inverter. Fischer Panda also builds electric drive systems. Their current portfolio includes electric drive systems with up to 100 kW per drive.

Complete energy system

Having a generator on board ensures that a power source is always available. It has a major role within the energy system and is usually the largest power source onboard. However, it is not usually required to operate continually around the clock. Especially when demand is low, other power sources such as solar, wind, shore connection and the battery bank are also involved.

The combined energy system ensures that the generator is not used during low loads and helps reduce fuel consumption. This requires an energy management system to operate efficiently.

Battery chargers and inverters play a significant role in the complete power system especially when converting energy. They also determine which energy sources are suited for supplying which consumers and how fast their sources can be recharged.

Central role for modern inverters

The modern inverter is taking a central role within the complete energy system. The latest “combi-inverters” offer many additional functions. They bring the inverter and charger into a single unit. They offer integrated power switching capabilities and are able to combine energy from generator, battery, and shore power as demand requires.

The perfect combination of Fischer Panda generators and Victron Energy inverters suit the demands of recreational sailing yachts used for short periods during the summer to luxury super yachts with a fully manned crew throughout the year.

The Victron inverters can be connected to build powerful systems. Up to six inverters can be connected in parallel to together. They can be set up to form single, split and three phase circuits.

Fischer Panda DC Generator with Victron Phoenix Inverter

Fischer Panda “DC Hybrid Power Sytems” use a powerful DC battery charging generator to keep the battery bank charged. A Victron Phoenix DC-AC inverter supplies smaller AC consumers by converting energy from the battery bank. Larger consumers can be supplied for short periods if the capacity allows.

This system does not prioritize which AC consumers can draw energy from the battery bank. The inverter and battery charger are separate units in this system. They can be connected so that the charger can limit the power drawn from shore power connection to prevent the shore power fuses from tripping. It is also possible with an additional transfer unit to switch power from the inverter and battery when the shore power connection is available.

The generator is usually only required to run two or three times a day for half an hour to keep the batteries charged.

Fischer Panda AC Generator with Victron MultiPlus Combi Inverter

The Phoenix MultiPlus Combi Inverter has a single AC input. It combines battery charger and inverter into a single unit. The main AC power source can be switched between Fischer Panda AC generator or shore power either manually or using a transfer switch.

The MultiPlus has two AC outputs; one of them is only available when the main AC source present. This prevents the battery bank from being drained.

The MultiPlus can combine both the AC source and the battery bank to provide extra power. For example,if a shore power connection is too weak for consumers on board, the combi inverter can boost the shore power with power from the battery bank. The same principle is also used when less AC power is required (typically at night), then some of the energy is used to recharge the battery bank.

Fischer Panda AC generators of the “iSeries” and “xSeries” can be connected into the Victron Bus using a bus module. The generator can be operated using the Victron color Control panel. Information about the generator is also displayed.

Fischer Panda electric drive system with AC Generator and 3x Victron MultiPlus combi inverters

Battery-driven vessels with domestic consumer devices on board require an increased capacity.

This system is fitted with a lithium battery bank which can be charged faster than standard batteries. Multiple MultiPlus inverters are connected to form a three-phase charging system which can charge the batteries using a fast electric charging station.

The inverter and generator are connected into a central bus which provides detailed information about charging, discharging states, energy consumed and how much time the battery will remain charged. A tablet device can be used to monitor the energy system via wireless. It can also be used to start and stop the generator. The Fischer Panda AC generator can be used as range extender for the drive system.

Fischer Panda AC Generator with Victron Quattro Combi inverter

This system setup has all the features of the MultiPlus setup. The Quattro Combi inverter also has an integrated transfer switch for two AC inputs. It can automatically transfer the power from one AC source to the other within 20 milliseconds. That could be either be a Fischer Panda generator and a shorepower connection or two Fischer Panda AC generators.

Inverter technology in Fischer Panda generators

Fischer Panda’s iSeries variable speed generators use their own inverters to produce their output voltage. These generators are characterised by their high efficiency, quiet operation and compact design. The speed of the diesel engine is adjusted according to the user’s changing power requirements while the output voltage always remains constant from the PMGi inverter. Thanks to the inverter technology a significant reduction of exhaust emissions and fuel consumption can be achieved.

The iSeries Panda 5000i.Neo 0-4 kW (5 kVA) is one of the latest models launched of Fischer Panda’s new light and compact marine generators. It has been designed specifically for use onboard recreational marine vessels. The generator is extremely lightweight at 67 kg (+ inverter 9 kg) .

Fischer Panda iSeries Generators in parallel

The iSeries range feature models up to 48 kW. Parallel inverters are also available which allow multiple generators to be connected without extra cables. Their output power combined or the load can then be switched from one generator to the other.

Fischer Panda GmbH is based in Paderborn, Germany and is a manufacturer of diesel generators, hybrid and drive systems for mobile, marine and vehicle applications. The generators are well-known for their compact design and the extremely low sound levels while operating. The Fischer Panda team covers world-wide more than 500 technicians and salesmen in over 80 countries.

Fischer Panda – Power wherever you are

Victron Phoenix Inverter (versions above 3 kW)

Victron Phoenix MultiPlus Combi Inverter

Victron Quattro Combi Inverter

Fischer Panda 5000i.Neo with Inverter