Fischer Panda powers business transport system

The ICADE headquarters and business park in Central Paris has 2 electric ferries fitted with DE-Drives from Fischer Panda operating as part of a water taxi service for its staff.


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This forms a seven minute transport link connecting the Metro line 7 (Corentin Cariou station) with the Parc du Millénaire. The system has now been successfully operating for over one year. The combination of all the crafts elements allowed the energy consumption per person to be reduced to under a third of a city bus or conventional ferry.

The transport link by water forms a seven minute link connecting the Metro line 7 (Corentin Cariou station) with the Parc du Millénaire.

The two DE-Drives in raised position

Sufficient cooling is ensured as the complete motor is submersed.

The Catamaran outside the ICADE headquarters in Paris.


Each of the catamarans are fitted with two retractable 20 kW Fischer Panda DE-electric drives. These are supplied from integrated 2150 kg battery banks stored within the hulls.

The use of high energy and light weight Ni-Cd batteries from SAFT allowed up to 30% weight of a lead-acid battery system to be saved. The weight saving was a determining factor as to whether the project would be viable to transporting 75 passengers. A special cooling system had to be installed to keep the batteries cool while charging.

Charging from shorepower takes place during midday and at night. Solar panels are also used to support the batteries. Depending on the levels of sunshine, this can provide between 10 and 20 % of the energy consumed.

Eve Systems provided key electrical engineering aspects with techncial teams from SAFT Industrial Batteries Group developing the Ni-Cd Battery System.