Fischer Panda – seit 15 Jahren erfolgreich in der Hybrid Technologie

Hybrid Strom- und Antriebssysteme sind seit 15 Jahren und auch in Zukunft DIE Alternative bei der mobilen Energieversorgung


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With over 15 years supplying Hybrid Technology, Fischer Panda is well set as the "alternative" Hybrid Drive Systems become the "standard" mobile power supply of the future


Since 1995 Fischer Panda GmbH has been supplying DC generators for hybrid systems. During this time, over 3000 generators of this kind have been built. With the DC generator a power management system with a flexible and intelligent power supply on board which meets individual demands is achievable. This guarantees 24 hours "power like you expect at home" at any time thus offering maximum comfort


The generator s operating time is reduced to a minimum by an automatic control. This often results in reducing operational hours by more than 70 %. The hybrid system uses a battery as a buffer. The inverter permanently supplies 230V A.C. to the system, either directly from the generator or via battery when the demand of power supply is low. The battery levels are automatically monitored and, if required, recharged by the generator via interval-operation.


This has proved resource-friendly and has continually been developed by Fischer Panda with the introduction of the inverter generators. The Panda 4000 i, 6000 i and 15000 i generators are the smallest sound-insulated generators available. They stand out due to their automatic power reduction according to the individual requirements of the user.


Thanks to Fischer Panda System Technology, hybrid drive systems have also been designed and installed world-wide for 5 years. By connecting the electric drive with a cable, the generator can be installed anywhere onboard. This creates new opportunities for planning the ship s interior. Even several drives can be supplied by a single diesel generator or a battery bank.


Fischer Panda GmbH is a manufacturer of diesel generators, hybrid and drive systems for mobile naval and vehicle applications. The generators are renowned for their compact design and the extremely low sound level when operating. The Fischer Panda team covers world-wide more than 400 technicians and salesmen in over 70 countries.