Fischer Panda Warranty Plus

More security and peace of mind with your Fischer Panda generator


What is the extended Fischer Panda Guarantee?
The extended Fischer Panda Guarantee is a component of the generator warranty. Once accepted, it applies up to the first inspection/interval service and extends thereafter automatically up to the respective next inspection/interval service at a Fischer Panda Service partner but not beyond the specified date on the certificate of guarantee* ***

Fischer Panda generators are issued with a Basic Guarantee.
This extension is free of charge for you and applies generally from date of delivery by Fischer Panda provided that regular and proven maintenance with original Fischer Panda parts is carried out* ***
Commercial usage 1 year or 1000 operation hours ** ***
Private usage 2 years or 1000 operation hours ** ***
The Basic Guarantee also provides for an additional 5 years from delivery date for electrical parts of the generator (stator with winding, alternator housing, sealing and all water-bearing parts). This extended warranty covers damage caused by cooling water to the above mentioned parts. An additional 10 years guarantee on the rotor from date of delivery is also included.* ***

Warranty Pack 1000
If your Fischer Panda generator has been installed and commissioned by an official Fischer Panda partner and the installation is confirmed by sending the commissioning protocol to Fischer Panda GmbH Germany, a 1000 Plus Warranty can be applied for. This is free of charge and extends the Basic Guarantee by 1 years. or max. 1000 operation hours * ** ***

Warranty Packs 1250 and 1500
Additional warranty packs can be arranged with the purchase of the generator to provide cover for
generators which will be used for longer operational periods.* ***

Options for buyers of Fischer Panda generator whereby the previous owners did not follow the specified service intervals.
Under certain circumstances, a “1250 Refit” warranty may be considered and granted for owners of a used Fischer Panda Generator if the previous owner did not follow specified service intervals.

*) Please consult the Fischer Panda Warranty Plus for the exact requirements and conditions for Extended Warranty, Guarantee and Warranty packs. Furthermore, the general Guarantee Conditions for mobile and stationary Fischer Panda generators apply.
** Whichever comes first.
*** The Basic Guarantee and Extended Warrenty Packages are only available for Fischer Panda marine und commercial vehicle generators.