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Generators with fixed engine speed 1500 rpm / 50Hz - 1800 rpm / 60Hz

Generators with fixed engine speed 1500 rpm / 50Hz - 1800 rpm / 60Hz

Suitable for heavier commerical applications or more than 2000 operating hours per year

Generator Configurator Icon PMSGenerator Configurator Icon PVMV-NGenerator Configurator Icon PVM-NEGenerator Configurator Icon PVK-UGenerator Configurator Icon PVK-UKGenerator Configurator Icon PSC
Marine InstallationVehicle - internal installation (up to 25 kW)Vehicle - internal installation (above 30 kW)Vehicle - external under chassisVehicle - under chassis (integrated radiator)Panda Self Contained
Panda 7,5-46.50
Panda 9-48.00
Panda 12-410.50
Panda 22-418.60
Panda 30-425.00
Panda 35-4x31.00
Panda 50-440.00
Panda 60-450.00
Panda 70-461.00
Panda 85-473.00
Panda 110-492.00
Panda 130-4111.00