New Fischer Panda Vehicle Generator - Highest Energy Density Within A Small Space

Another Fischer Panda generator celebrates its world debut - the Panda 10000 generator.


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New Fischer Panda Generator – Maximum Power with Smallest Dimensions  

Another Fischer Panda generator celebrates its world debut - the Panda 10000 generator. This asynchronous generator employs a proven 2-cylinder diesel engine and has a nominal power output of 8 kW.  

Jens Langer, Sales and Marketing Manager at Fischer Panda stresses: "The new Panda 10000 offers the highest power to weight ratio in the performance segment up to 12 kW. There is strong demand for this generator model; our customers particularly benefit from the highest engineering standards yet retaining the smallest footprint."  

An iSeries version of this generator is also available, Panda 10000i, featuring our versatile and environmentally friendly inverter technology. Variable speed regulation allows exhaust emissions and fuel consumption to be reduced according to the changing power requirements of the user. Voltage, frequency and the pure sine wave output are maintained across the power range up to the nominal 8kW available. The Panda 10000i complements the successful iSeries generators available from Fischer Panda.  

The extremely compact dimensions of both generators require a minimum amount of installation space, optimizing space/weight distribution within the vehicle. The generator is fitted inside the sound capsule with an integrated water-cooled exhaust silencer. The customer merely requires an external radiator from our extensive range. Alternatively, the generator is available in a self-contained capsule which can be mounted externally on the vehicle chassis. This ensures optimum use of space within the vehicle.


10000i_pvk-uk_p1.jpg (generator mounted externally on the vehicle chassis)