Hybrid Drive Power System Recieves "special Mention"

Innovative hybrid drive power system from Fischer Panda recieves "special mention" from Dame Award at the METS Tradeshow 2009


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The new innovative Fischer Panda Hybrid Drive Power System was awarded a “special mention” from the Jury during the DAME AWARD at the METS 2009.


The new innovative Fischer Panda HybridDriveSystem comprises a 3rd Generation of Diesel-Electric Drive Systems with fully integrated onboard power system. Central to this is the new Fischer Panda C3Cockpit, which provides the skipper with everything needed to control and manage onboard power requirements.

The motor control unit also contains an integrated battery charger/inverter for supplying onboard power - additional battery/inverter setup is no longer required. The controller and converter unit can be supplied with voltages in the 24V DC - 600V DC range. The systems degree of efficiency can allow savings by up to 20%. By supplying DC from the battery bank and/or the generator and in cases (through the use of 2 motors) can significantly improve the safety of the ship and its crew. One unit has been designed to be suited for installation on all systems to reduce the cost factor.

Command, Control and Communication are the key elements behind the new C3Cockpit. All components are connected via a bus system so they can communicate - sending and receive signals for further processing. The status, parameters and values of all connected components such as drive system, controllers, generator, onboard power devices and batteries are displayed giving the skipper full control. The skipper has full command–he can change parameters and switch devices.

The active battery and generator management system is integrated. Operating data of components connected to the bus system can be accessed and displayed. Remote communication, maintenance and updates are available via a GSM or Ethernet. The system is NMEA 2000 and CAN-bus capable. Diagnostic data can be stored on SD-cards.


The Fischer Panda C3Cockpit is designed as a modular system and can be installed as a standard onboard power system (even without a Drive System ), too. It is then possible to install as a decentralized wiring system. From where all data relevant to onboard power, energy and drive systems can by analysed.


Fischer Panda GmbH is manufacturer of Diesel generators, hybrid and drive systems for mobile naval and vehicle applications. The generators are well-known for their compact design and the extremely low noises during the operation. The Fischer Panda team covers world-wide more than 400 technicians and salesmen in over 70 countries.