Innovative Fischer Panda technology used at energy saving demonstration to light up christmas tree in Copenhagen

During the world climate conference visitors were encouraged to invest some hard physical work to ensure that the lights in the tree remain lit.


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.


It is an old tradition that the big Christmas tree in the City Hall Square of Copenhagen is lit up with hundreds of lights. During the world climate conference this year visitors are being encouraged to invest some hard physical work to ensure that the lights in the tree remain lit. The Christmas tree lights are operated by power generatored while cycling – if nobody pedals there will be no light. The idea is to encourage increased usage of this healthy and CO2-friendly means of transport, which Copenhagen already is known for.


Innovative generators from Fischer Panda were specially prepared for all 15 bicycles which convert the muscular strength into electric current to light up the tree. This provides a contribution to protecting the environment and reduces the CO2 emission about 9 tons. Here are some photos kindly sent to us by our Distributor Bygg-El from Denmark. For more infomation on the projects from Bygg-el please visit their website