International Fischer Panda Dealer Meeting in Paderborn

In November 2017 Fischer Panda had invited to their international dealer meeting in Paderborn.


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Fischer Panda generators and electric drive systems are installed all over the world. So, the managing directors Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Herbermann and Stephan Backes were very pleased that more than 60 partners from over 30 nations had accepted their invitations to meet at the headquarters in Paderborn.

This year, Fischer Panda celebrated its 40th anniversary, so after welcoming all guests, one of the first subjects on the agenda was a review of how generator technology has developed throughout this time. It was also the opportunity to thank Fischer Panda’s partners for their loyalty and long business relations. Some of whom having worked with Fischer Panda for over 25 years.

In various presentations and workshops, our partners were able to obtain comprehensive information about technical and organisational innovations at Fischer Panda.

The international Dealer Meeting takes place in Paderborn every two years. Besides gaining new information, it is an excellent platform for a lively exchange of ideas and experience. As the time of the meeting coincides with the end of the Metstrade Fair in Amsterdam it is also the perfect opportunity for a reunion with long-standing friends and business partners, all of whom can return home with a lot of new information and insights.

After the official meeting the Fischer Panda dealers had the opportunity to attend various technical trainings on Fischer Panda generators and electric propulsion systems.

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