Mayflower Autonomous Ship launched - powered by Fischer Panda electric motors

Supported by IBM, promare launches artificial intelligence marine-research vessel called the Mayflower Autonomous Ship.


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The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) has recently been launched to undergo testing for six months before beginning its first transatlantic voyage in spring 2021.
Fischer Panda is powering the Mayflower with a special dual winding electric motor . The vessel is a technological marvel with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence system in the world.
If you’re planning a 5,000 kilometre unmanned journey across some of the planet’s most challenging waters, a reliable propulsion system is important. As Brett Phaneuf, Co-Director of the project says, “The big issue for MAS isn’t automation, because automation is all around us in our daily lives. Reliability at sea is really the big challenge.”
The website have written an interesting article about this project on their website [ext link]. You can find out more detail about this exciting project and what Fischer Panda electric motor used.