Mueritz Inwater Event in Rechlin 2016

Fischer Panda gives visitors at the Mueritz Inwater event the perfect opportunity to test drive the Whisperprop eletric drive systems


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Fischer Panda attended the "Müritz In Water" from 5th - 7th June with its own boat. Interested visitors could experience cruising with an Whisperprop 10 kW (13,6 PS on the shaft) electric drive system.

As one Fischer Panda drive system engineer explains, "you can explain to people about the benefits of an electric drive system, especially the unbelievable amount of torque at low speeds, but the best way is to take a test drive and experience it first-hand."

The event was held in Germany's second largest lake and the middle of Europe's largest inland waterway on the banks of the Müritz. Visitors had the chance to view, learn about, test drive boats, yachts, charters and houseboats.

One of the event's primary goals was to encourage newcomers to the world of water sports - both on and around the water. The event offered a 15 PS test area where visitors could test different watercraft with motors in this performance class.

Since October 2012, motorised boats below 15 PS (11.03 kW) can be operated on sea and inland ways (excluding the river Rhine) in Germany by anyone above the age of 16 without the requirement for a boating licence.

The latest range of electric drive systems from Fischer Panda use safety low voltage for power. This meets the European requirements for low voltage on recreational vessels. Electric cruising gives boat owners access to many of the inland waters within European where traditional combustion engines are banned for environmental reasons.

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