New at Fischer Panda: The parallel hybrid drive motor running at low speeds

Fischer Panda now offers a drive motor running at 600 rpm.


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This means that the 10 kW drive system has a torque of 160 Nm and the 20 kW drive system 320 Nm.

The boat can achieve a very good manoeuvrability thanks to the high thrust at the propeller. Motors for both the 10 kW and 20 kW systems are equipped with a seawater pump; seawater cooling is now possible together with a heat exchanger. Further advantages of the parallel hybrid drive:

  • high efficiency - thanks to permanent magnet technology
  • brushless - low maintenance
  • aluminium housing - very good thermal conductivity
  • water cooling - well suited for high environmental temperatures
  • no gearbox - very quiet operation
  • output data = power on shaft

The parallel hybrid drive system is perfectly suited as an auxiliary drive for large boats and commercial ships fitted with a conventional combustion engine and gearbox. The drive motor is mounted parallel to the existing drive shaft.

The main engine and electric motor are individually coupled with the shaft. It is not necessary to refit the main engine. The system can be easily installed by any shipyard.

Recently, the Fischer Panda team installed two parallel hybrid drive systems into a yacht in Dubai. The new motors with a speed of 600 rpm operated perfectly and proved to be the right choice. They allow the skipper to choose between:

  1. the full speed of two diesel engines (2 x 507 kW) with which the boat can drive at 23 kn
  2. electrical and silent cruising at 6.3 kn by means of two 20 kW drive systems supplied by Fischer Panda

The electric drive motors meet all the essential requirements of the applicable European directives and standards. They are operated with very low voltages of <60 V DC and guarantee maximum safety regarding operation and installation.

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