New Dual Motor for Electric Drive Systems from Fischer Panda


The design offers the skipper a high degree of redundancy and flexibility. One electric motor can be switched on or off depending on the individual power requirements.

To further enhance the redundancy within the system, the motors can be powered via separate battery banks as required. This is of interest for commercial applications.

Each electric drive motor is designed with two separate electric windings, each with its own control and throttle. The motors are connected by a drive belt.


Both motors are water-cooled. They can also be cooled with seawater using a heat exchanger.

The main electrical components and the motor controller are housed within the Fischer Panda “EasyBox” unit which simplifies the installation.

Fischer Panda also recommends to install a generator for charging the battery banks in the event that shore power is not available or solar/wind are not sufficient for charging. The generator can also enhance the system as a range extender.