New: Propeller rope cutter for Fischer Panda underwater podded motor

Fischer Panda now offers marine rope cutters for all their 10 and 20 kW electric underwater podded motors.


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

These are available to fit a 30 mm diameter shaft for Fischer Panda's 10 kW electric motor, or a 35 mm diameter shaft for the 20 kW motor. Both rope cutters are made of Stainless steel AISI-316L.

Even owners, who already have a Fischer Panda electric motor, can also fit a rope cutter. In this case, the existing end cap cover must be replaced with a shortened version (allowing room for the rope cutter to be mounted).

While enjoying a “silent” summer cruise above decks with a 100% electric drive system from Fischer Panda, many potential dangers may be lurking beneath murky waters. Plastic sheeting, discarded line, fishing nets and other debris can get tangled up in the propeller. Not only does this significantly reduce the efficiency of the motor - the loss of manoeuvrability can even lead to a dangerous situation. A rope cutter can significantly reduce this risk.

Even lakes with crystal clear water hold potentially risks. Submerged weeds grow explosively when sunlight reaches deeper in the water. Large amounts of weeds that get tangled up around the propeller can even prevent the boat from moving, leaving the skipper to believe he has run aground.

Please contact Fischer Panda if you are planning to use an electric drive system in waters where submerged weeds, rope or discard plastic may pose a risk.

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