Ocean-Change-Expedition with Fischer Panda Generator Onboard

For a reliable power supply onboard, Arved Fuchs and his crew have chosen a 10 kW generator from Fischer Panda.


Arved Fuchs and his crew are currently on the fourth leg of their Ocean Change Expedition 2021. The destination of their cutter DAGMAR AAEN is the northern part of the North Atlantic.

During the approximately three-month tour, Arved Fuchs wants to draw attention to climate change in particular and carry out continuous measurements for the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel/Germany. By means of a measuring unit from the company "subCtech", the seawater will be analysed in a permanent flow. Temperature, salinity and CO2 saturation are just some of the parameters that are measured automatically.

The collected data is transferred in real time onto a server, which is connected to the dashboard of the Geomar Helmholtz Centre. The data can also be checked at any time on the Arved Fuchs website by clicking on https://beluga.geomar.de/ocean-change-2021 "Current position of the Dagmar Aaen". 

A Panda 12000x PMS with a nominal power of 10 kW provides a reliable power supply on board when no shore power is available.

The journey via the Shetland Islands and Iceland leads to Greenland and Canada. On the way to Iceland, the crew has already released two drift buoys of the French meteorological authority Météo France. 

Image:  © Arved Fuchs [Ext Link : https://www.arved-fuchs.de/]

Image:  © Arved Fuchs [Ext Link : https://www.arved-fuchs.de/]