Panda Generators for Superyachts

Panda Generators for Superyachts



  • up to 200 kW
  • High Degree of comfort onbaord
  • Parallel Operation
  • Compact Design
  • Long Lifespan
  • Deutz 6-Cylinder V-Motor


Panda Marine Generator P200DZ


Parallel Power


  • Switch loads from one generator to the other without shutting down the complete system
  • Peace of mind - always one generator ready to supply the system in reserve
  • One smaller generator can efficiently cover lower power demands


  • Peak Performance - cover demanding peak periods by running generators together
  • Cover unexpectedly larger power demands
  • Flexible - when not enough room for a single large generator is available



 Combining Fischer Panda Generators for demanding power applications and even more energy

Installing two generators in parallel to operate together has two main advantages. Either they can be run together which will provide the system with twice as much power with enough supply for very demanding peak periods or the load can be switched from one generator to the other without having to switch off the entire system.


Two generators allow unexpectedly large loads or longer peak periods of demand to be covered. When the demand s back to the normal level, only one smaller generator is required to then run which is more efficient than running a larger generator with a low load.

When power is required for very long periods of time, the second generator can be started and brought "online" to take from the first. The first generator can then be safely switched off for maintenance purposes without having to shutdown the entire power system. If the primary power generator fails, a second generator is always available to supply the power without having to rely on a backup system with reduced capacity. This is suited for applications which may require a full energy supply in reserve. This system does not feature load-sharing capabilities for safety reasons. Both generators are coupled and operate together as one unit. To increase operational safety both generators are shutdown if a system failure occurs.