Panda iSeries Vehicle Generators with Variable Speed Technology (PVMV-N)

Powerful vehicle generators with variable speed technology which meet new exhaust emission standards

Panda iSeries Vehicle Generators with Variable Speed Technology.

The new iSeries Generators take full advantage of its modern diesel engine designed to run at lower speeds and fulfil current emission standards. The Panda 6000i is built with a diesel engine which fulfils the current emission standards. The speed of the engine is regulated and adjusted according to the electrical load which makes it economical to run. Currently most generators on the market operate with a fixed speed of 1500 or 3000 RPM for 50 Hz (alternatively with 1800 or 3600 RPM for the 60Hz market). High engine speed means higher exhaust emissions.

For this reason engine manufacturers have started to reduce the engine speed on several engines to meet the new emission standards. Even when operating with low loads, these are required to operate at higher speeds. This has always been a major concern with regard to the engine lifespan, glassing of the cylinders and high oil consumption.

Perf. [kW]
VoltageEngineSound Cover
Panda 5000i PVMV-N4.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota EA300GFK4DS
Panda 5000i.Neo PVMV-N4.00230 AC / 50 HzFischer Panda GmbH FPE320GFK4DS
Panda 5000i.Greentec PVMV-N4.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota Z482GFK4DS
Panda 8000i PVMV-N6.40230 AC / 50 HzKubota Z482GFK4DS
Panda 10000i PVMV-N8.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota Z602GFK4DS
Panda 15000i-230V PVMV-N12.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota D902GFK4DS
Panda 15000i-400V PVMV-N12.00400 AC / 50 HzKubota D902GFK4DS
Panda 25i-230V PVMV-N20.00230 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505-E3MPL4DS
Panda 25i-400V PVMV-N20.00400 AC / 50 HzKubota V1505-E3MPL4DS