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RTU-1 Multi-voltage Inverter A/C

Motor independant High performance air conditioning unit with AC and DC multi-voltage input. Ein universal unit for practically every application - Modular designed and expandable


Multi-voltage Inverter

  • EXTREMELY POWERFUL: Up to 8kW / 27.300 BTU/h
  • “READY TO USE” Build in full hermetic compressors
  • “ONE FOR ALL” multi-voltage INVERTER operation
  • Pressure tight evaporator for using with NBC devices

Cooling capacity:    R134a Coolant
@ 24 V DC: 3.000 Watt / 10.200 BTU/h
@ 48 - 300 V DC: 4.500 Watt / 15.300 BTU/h
@ 230 / 400 V AC: 4.500 Watt / 15.300 BTU/h

Available Drives:
Electric INVERTER drives with variable compressor speed
AC: 230 - 1 phase / 400 - 3 phase
DC: 24 / 48 / 110 / 300
Heating capacity:     Electric: 5.000 Watts @ 230 / 400 V AC
Airflow:    max. 1.000 m³/h / 588 cfm

Multi usability:
  • Trucks
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Construction vehicles
  • Railway
  • Special vehicles
  • Caravans
  • Custom applications

PDC” System® (Power Demand Control)

One controller can operate up to 8 RTU-1 units parallel in depending of actual needed cooling-/heating capacity.
Take only that power you need and save energy
CAN BUS controlled system:

  • easy and quick cabling
  • full automatic operation
  • low energy consumption
  • stepless regulated cooling-/heating capacity

INVERTER driven e-compressors:

  • No high starting current
  • Speed regulated compressor
  • Guarantees perfect climate regulation and co2 savings


fresh air flap, 0-100 % automatic controlled
Air cleaner PHI (photohydroionization technology)
clean and bacteria free air

Technical Advantages:

  • Single unit for all voltages, integrated frequency converter
  • Unit designed and tested to temperatures from max. +55 °C -
  • System extendable with fresh air pressured system (protective ventilation)

  • System extendable with diesel air heater
  • System electric with inverter technology – no high starting current
  • Cooling performance with stepless regulation

  • CAN SPS including connection to vehicle main system via CANopen is possible including error logging
  • NEW System can be extended to include floor heating (electrical or water).  Allows a possible temperature range of only +/- 1 °C to be maintained
  • Air distribution plate with LED lighting (Optional)

Protective Air Units:

Can to docked on the roof-mounted unit. Upgrade for use in very dusty environment. We deliver G3/F6 filter combinations. Active coal filters also available.