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RTU-2 Multi Voltage Inverter ACU

First ACU with SCT- Smart Compressor Technology. Extremely small, light weight and powerful.


RTU-2 Multi Voltage Inverter ACU

Extremely small, light weight and powerful

  • First ACU with SCT- Smart Compressor Technology®
  • “READY TO USE” - Build in compressor
  • “ONE FOR ALL” - Multi voltage input AC or DC
  • “PLUG & COOL” -Quick install, ready filled with gas
  • Available also with hydraulic driven compressor
  • Extremely robust design, suited for railway applications
  • For extreme temperatures : - 40°C to +60°C in operation
  • EMC Compliant : (only RTU-2 MIL version)
  • Shock I Vibration : (only RTU-2 MIL version)

Ideal for:
  • Lorry/HGV Cabins
  • Constuction Machines
  • Locomotive and Rail Applications
  • Special Applications & Containers

“PDC“ System® (Power Demand Control)

1 controller can operate up to 8 ACU‘s over CAN Bussystem. This can provide up to 64kW (220.000 BTU/h) of cooling, and 40kW (136.500BTU/h) of heating capacity The cooling/heating power is controlled automatically depending on actual power requirements. ln case of failure of any unit the system starts automatically other unit(s). Up to 7x redundancy and very
high reliability
     Take only that power, that you need and have reserves

CAN BUS System
Quick install: only 1 power and 1 control cable
CAN bus controlled over fiber optics (only MIL-461 E models)
Failsafe programs: redundancy, high reliability

INVERTER powered compressors:
No high start up currents. This prevents generators against overloads
Stepless power regulated compressors
Exactly regulation of room temperatures with no hot I cold effects
     Guarantees a perfect room temperature

Automatically and stepless regulated motor fresh air flap
2nd evaporator ventilator for lower noise operation
Air cleaner system PHI® (Photohydroionization) -  Frees the air from bad smells and kills bacteria

Technical Data:
Cooling capacity:         R134a refrigerant
         4 – 8,0 kW variabel gesteuert

Electric heating: (option)    5.000 Watt (17.000 BTU/h)@ 230-1 ph or 400-3ph VAG stepless regulated
Airflow evaporator: up to 2.000m3/h, brushless ventilator motors, stepless regulated
 extremely low noise operation down to 39dB
Airflow condenser:        up to 4.500m3/h - stepless regulated and pressure controlled {plc controller)
            2 brushless axialfans with low noise operation. Fail safe mode: operates also with 1 fan
Drive:        Electric compressors    : variable power controlled with inverter over plc Controller
            Hydraulic compressors    : variable power controlled over plc controller, 11 cm3 I 3.000rpm motor
EMC:        meets MIL-STD 461E (only RTU-2 MIL version)
Shock I Vibration:        meets MIL-STD810F (only RTU-2 MIL version)

NEW: Cooled electric cabinet for inverter and power supplies
No failures due to high temperatures on the roof from sun. Ideal to operate in hot climates

Extremely light weight: only 110 kg, including compressor, inverter, power supplies
Dimensions Approx. 1250 x 850 x 315mm (LxWxH)