Satellite broadcasting vehicle with Fischer Panda 5000i Generator

This satellite broadcasting Mercedes Sprtiner is used at sporting events to transmit live TV in HD resolution. A Fischer Panda iSeries 5000i generator is installed in the rear of the vehicle. The generator is fitted with a metal sound shield and an internal water-cooled exhaust silencer. These reduce any operation sounds to an absolute minimum. The Fischer Panda generator supplies electrcial power for all the broadcasting systems.

IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:fischer_panda_5000i_in_broadcasting_vehicle_00.JPG
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:fischer_panda_5000i_in_broadcasting_vehicle_01.JPG
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:fischer_panda_5000i_in_broadcasting_vehicle_02.JPG
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:fischer_panda_5000i_in_broadcasting_vehicle_03.JPG
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:fischer_panda_5000i_in_broadcasting_vehicle_04.JPG
IMAGE FISCHER PANDA GALLEY:fischer_panda_5000i_in_broadcasting_vehicle_05.JPG