Series production of new Fischer Panda marine generator Panda 4000s.Neo

In the course of continuous development, the very successful marine generator Panda 4000s is now equipped with the FPE 320 diesel engine developed by Fischer Panda.


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

From now on, the Panda 4000s.Neo replaces the former Panda 4000s FC.

The constant-speed synchronous generator Panda 4000s.Neo is the entry-level model; it is perfect for skippers with low power requirements on board (output: 3.4 kW). With 92 kg it is very light in weight. Thanks to its compact dimensions L: 558 x W: 460 x H 518 mm, it is easy to install even when the space on board is limited.

The Panda 4000s.Neo is characterized by its stable voltage and frequency.

Compared to the previous model, the new sound insulation capsule is even more efficient and noise and vibrations during operation have been reduced even further.

The new 1-cylinder engine has been successfully installed in the Panda 5000i.Neo inverter generator with variable speed for more than 12 months. The engine is 100% water cooled and has been especially designed for the demands of smaller yachts.

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