Sufficient energy even when there is no shore power connection.

Intelligent and innovative solutions to ensure sufficient energy onboard


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

Electric ovens, hair dryers, washing machines, hot plates, boilers, air conditioners, diving compressors and power tools need a great amount of energy to operate and some require even more just to start Fischer Panda Power Systems provide intelligent, innovative solutions which ensure that sufficient energy is available even when there is no shore power connection.
For most applications two main types of electrical consumers exist. Firstly the DC consumers which are mainly the cabin instruments, radios, lighting and pumps. All these are necessary for the ship / vehicle to operate functionally. The DC circuit is supplied by battery banks. Secondly the AC circuit - which is mainly concerned with higher power consumers such as air-conditioning, cooking, heating or even running diving compressors which require a great deal of energy in comparison to the DC consumers. The AC consumers also include all the “luxury” items (usually fitted with a wall-plug) which are brought onboard to make life more comfortable.

As a basis for power onboard, Fischer Panda Power Systems (see opposite page) use four power concepts which will suit most “typical” power requirements. When special requirements have to be met; the final system may combine elements from all the four concepts depending on the type of equipment being run, how often, the number of people, peak power periods, current climate, ship size, budget, weight and room restrictions.

System concept 1 - Basic DC Alternator System
Fischer Panda Power Systems with high performance alternators - up to 4 kW performance from the main engine when cruising.

System concept 2 - Extended DC Generator Systems
Fischer Panda Power Systems with permanent magnet DC generators - for up to 8 kW continuous performance and peak loads up to 15 kW.

System concept 3 - AC Generator Systems
Fischer Panda Power Systems with AC generators - for continuous performance of 4 to 110 kW and running multiple consumers simultaneously (for example cooking and washing).

System concept 4 - Parallel AC Generator Systems
Fischer Panda Power Systems with AC generators in parallel - for covering high peak periods and supplying power for longer periods without being shutdown for maintenance.

Another group of electrical consumers form when using electrical drives for primary propulsion. Special DE-Drive Systems from Fischer Panda are available for this purpose (see January 2008 newsletter). A truly complete power system is formed when they are combined with the normal AC and DC circuits - DC Power, AC Power and Propulsion Power.
These systems can be integrated into existing installations to enhance them or create a completely new power system wherever you are and however you are travelling. Power - wherever you are