Fischer Panda drive systems at the Eurasia Boat Show Istanbul


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

At the Eurasia Boat Show, our Turkish customer exhibited several boats with propulsion systems from Fischer Panda.

Another boat is currently fitted with two Fischer Panda 20 kW parallel hybrid drives and two marine generators Panda 45i PMS in the shipyard in Istanbul.

It is planned to retrofit further yachts with Fischer Panda drive systems.

The Sea Coach is equipped with two 20 kW shaft motors and a marine generator Panda 45i PMS.

Interested customers and people from the press had the chance to practically learn about Fischer Panda Drive Systems.

Two 20 kW parallel hybrid drive systems and two Panda 45i PMS Fischer Panda are installed in the Blue Moon (86 tonnes).

The Elektro1 is equipped with two 20 kW shaft motors and a 10 kW marine generator from Fischer Panda.