The mobile power supply success story

The idea began with the construction of efficient refrigeration equipment for cooling systems on boats.


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

30 Years Fischer Panda

Founded in 1972, Fischer Panda GmbH (originally Icemaster GmbH) began with the idea of constructing efficient refrigeration equipment for cooling systems on boats. This mainly involving mechanical components as electrical power on-board at that time was a very precious commodity. Even then, inverters (rectangular and trapezoid with an efficiency of about 65%) formed part of the product range. An alternator fitted to the ships main engine formed the main power source. Fischers Marine Ltd. who produced the first enclosed marine generator in 1977, was acquired in 1984 as the demand for more powerful energy sources onboard grew.

Continual development, the first enclosed marine generating set became the first 100% water-cooled generator. This led to the world’s first “regulated asynchronous generator” - the Panda 4 Mini .

For marine applications, the idea for 100% water-cooling was realised in cooperation with the company Zeise. This led to the Panda 4 Mini which became the first regulated asynchronous generator. The reward for this hard work came in 1990 and the company experienced a rapid surge of growth. Also a success - the decision to produce a wide range of units to suit the differing installation requirements for vehicles. Today, the product range encompasses over 200 different generators.
In 1995, several projects to test hybrid buses were undertaken in cooperation with Neoplan and Mercedes Benz. Fischer Panda’s contributions led to the ground breaking and now trendsetting AGT DC (direct current) Generators. These permanent-magnet synchronous generators have an efficiency of almost 90% and form the heart of the DE (diesel-electric) drive systems. The AGT-generator is a separate range which allows a great deal of power to be generated using very small units.
“Fischer Panda Defence“ was formed in 2002 as an important branch to deal with the rising demand in the defence sector. Military generators are currently in operation worldwide in diverse communication and command unit. More than 25 different generators are available from stock.

The company was officially renamed from Icemaster GmbH to Fischer Panda GmbH on 01.01.2007 to strengthen the association with its product - the Panda Generator. Many of the employees at Fischer Panda have very close links to water sports in particular yachting. The guiding principle “developed by professionals for professionals” has proved its weight and still holds true today
Throughout the world, our products reflect this vast amount of knowledge and experience accumulated. Currently, Fischer Panda has three boats (up to 49 feet in length) which are in use for developing and refining the ideas from today.

Today - 30 years later

Today – 30 years later – a power system without the name Fischer Panda or the Panda bear logo would be unthinkable. More than 500 employees world-wide ensure the safe supply of power for yachts, mobile homes, broadcasting vehicles and wherever independent energy is required.
Generators form the central point of an even wider product range which has evolved into complete power systems. The recipe for success: “Power wherever you are. For our customers the solution is the central focal point. With our know-how we create functioning systems, which ensure a self-sufficient power supply even under most difficult conditions – and we do not stop with the generator.” Fischer Panda – the road to success continues: Power wherever you are.