The New Panda Control - Development on schedule


Attention - This page is more than 3 years old.

The development of the new generator control system is on schedule and the first prototypes have already been tested. On completion of development and testing, the Panda Control will provide high reliability, user and service friendly technology to the new generation of Fischer Panda Generators.
What the new Panda Control will bring to the next generation of Fischer Panda Generators:

  •   Analogue monitoring of temperature, voltage, electrical load etc
  •   Digital display
  •   Operational values stored in memory
  •   Integration with CAN-BUS systems onboard vehicles and boats
  •   VE-Net link
  •   Remote diagnostics
  •   Easy installation and maintenance


Die Fischer Panda Steuerung verfügt über eine Digitalanzeige aller wichtigen Generatorparameter und kann über den CAN-Bus mit der Bordelektronik des Bootes oder Fahrzeugs integriert werden