Extended America / US Warranty

Special limited 5 year USA/Canada or Brazil-warranty package for Fischer Panda marine generator

In addition to the standard Fischer Panda terms of warranty
, we also offer an optional limited 5 year warranty for North, Central & South America for Fischer Panda marine generators. All mentioned warranty will be covered by Fischer Panda Inc., FT. Lauderdale, USA. The warranty package has to be purchased together with a new Fischer Panda marine generator.

  1. The standard warranty is for 2 years; The USA is for 5 years
  2. The standard warranty does not typically pay for travelling; The US warranty allows 150 miles
  3. The standard warranty is governed by German law; The US warranty is governed by US law.

The complete details of the US-Brazil warrantry package are contained in the following pdf:
Customer information Fischer Panda_America-warranty package.pdf

Flyer- US Warranty Download PDF :