Why compromise on comfort?

Enjoy power as you do at home from your Fischer Panda Generator .
A reliable and independent energy system is the most important luxury on-board a yacht. You can operate domestic electrical consumers such as an induction cooker, water boiler, washing machine, hair dryer or even an air-conditioning unit with a Fischer Panda Marine-Generator.

The perfect generator for every requirement
Fischer Panda offers a wide range of marine generators from small diesel generators with 3,4 kW to larger units with 170 kW to suit your individual energy requirements.

All Fischer Panda generators are built to be:

Compact– Light – Quiet


Panda 5000i.Neo PMS

with variable speed technology
0 - 4.00 kW / 50 Hz

Panda 8000i PMS

with variable speed technology
0 - 6.40 kW / 50 Hz

Whisperprop Electric Motors

Whisperprop Electric Motors

Powerful electric motors for Fischer Panda Easybox Drive Systems

All Fischer Panda generators are renowned for being:
Fischer Panda generators - compact, light, and quiet